25 - 27 September, 2018 |
Crowne Plaza, Bratislava, Slovakia
Speaker Information:

Tom Bagnall

Group Director of Insights

2:30 PM Why social media is a power not to be ignored

  • Consumers don’t just listen to experts for product advice; they listen to other consumers on a mass scale. How can you optimise your sales through influencer marketing?
  • How do you benchmark success when it comes to ROI of sales and leads over social media?
  • Customer complaints over social media channels: understand the repercussions to react appropriately and quickly!

2:30 PM Panel discussion – When does personalisation become commercially impractical?

  • Debate the benefits of addressable advertising and its direct impact on revenue
  • Discuss the technologies and analytical tools required to personalise effectively
  • When does hyper-personalisation become intrusive as well as non-cost effective?

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